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 Bathman is a jam entry for the LynxMas2021 itch.io jam.


Vladimir and Letitia have plans to go out for a connoiseur night to taste
some fresh blood. There is a nice LynxMas 2021 jam nearby with some
delicious nerds from different parts of the world.

But Letitia wants to freshen her up and asks Vladimir to heat up the old

Women... Will Letitia be ready in time? It is totally up to Vladimir.

Keep the kettle warm. Don't cook the devil. And provide all the beauty
potions required to keep Letitia deadly.


* UP - lift the wings up
* DOWN - set the wings in gliding position
* UP/DOWN - flapping the wings gains some altitude

* LEFT/RIGHT - a chance to state your political affiliation (just kidding)
* A - pick up or drop something (like a log for the fire)
* B - Transform Vladimir to a blood thirsty bat
* Flip - flip the screen
* Reset - quit the game

The team behind it all

* Karri Kaksonen
* Vladimir, the Vampire (playing the head role in the game)
* Letitia, the Devil (the sensual Beauty in the game)
* RGS_Dev - itch.io for some cute animations



bathman.lnx 31 kB
bathman.lyx 256 kB
bathman.o 31 kB


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It took me a while to get the hang on of the controls and I managed to get down to the score of 11 so far. I noticed that sometimes if you're falling and there is a potion to collect, once you hit the ground, the potion disappears. Cool music and animations, will have to keep trying to get a better score I think!

Being a bat is hard work.

I decided to scrap being a vampire in wizzy.

The art and the animation are so cute ! And the music definitely put a big smile on my face :) I had some issue with the control, maybe I should try on a real Lynx, but in Handy I hardly managed to do anything than crash on the floor... Is it just me? I would love to warm up Letitia a bit more, please :)

Press Down to keep the flying position. If you press Up you will fall.
It is a faster way to replace you before taking the... potion ?? you need to drop in the bath (but not on the girl)

All that while keeping the bath warm : go left when in Vampire form and pick a wood piece to place in the fire (Press A when you are at the left of the screen)